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Posted on May 27th, 2015 by RWM Admin Sulta Manufacturing - Custom Steel Fabricator

Sulta Manufacturing Company originated in 1974 with the acquisition of an existing fabrication facility in Sulphur Springs, TX. We are project oriented, and based on the diversity of projects completed, we can best be described as a “custom steel fabricator.”

The majority of our production is fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel for construction projects with an emphasis on more complex structural designs; especially those having architecturally exposed steel. Our past certification for ASME code vessels gives us the ability to not only offer custom plate fabrication but also integrated fabrication projects.

As a complimentary product line, we design and manufacture crushing and blending process equipment used primarily in the production of agri-chemicals but readily adaptable to other commodities. The versatility of our experience affords us the opportunity to offer our clients a wide spectrum of fabrication services.

From the beginning, we have maintained a posture of absolute personal and business integrity in all of our actions and activities. We offer our customers a reputation for delivering fabricated products of high and consistent quality on schedule. Our employees have earned this reputation and approach each new order with a resolve that confirms and strengthens it.

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