Structural Steel Fabrication and Design in North Texas

Posted on January 5th, 2017 by RWM Admin
Structural Steel - Sulta Manufacturing

The majority of our production is fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel. We specialize in projects of complex design and those having architecturally exposed shapes.

In order to specialize in these complex designs, we utilize in-house detailers that are trained in the latest technologies, software, and codes. Our detailers utilize SDS/2 and AutoCAD to achieve the most accurate, and up to date drawings.

We maintain partnerships with a small group of subcontract steel erectors which utilize the latest safety procedures and equipment; while maintaining the highest of quality workmanship. We coordinate closely with our steel erectors to develop a successful flow of steel and erection for an efficient, safe, and productive jobsite.

We have a highly-trained workforce to fabricate structural steel in our facilities complying with AISC, local, State and federal agencies prior to delivery to the project site. Our fabrication abilities are serviced by the following equipment:

Sulta Manufacturing - Custom Steel Fabricator

Fabrication Area Serviced with Overhead Cranes: 32,000 ft2

Overhead Bridge Cranes: Four 10 ton units with 22 ft hook height

Welding Equipment:

  • Manual Welders SMAW to 600 amps
  • Wire Welders (GMAW, FCAW to 600 Amps)
  • Submerged Arc Welders (SAW to 1000 amps w/Station)
  • Stud Welder to 1800 amps

Mechanical Plate Shear: 3/8″ x 144″ Capacity

Pivoting Head Horizontal Band Saw:

  • 18″ Dia. Round @ 90°
  • 18″ x 27″ Rectangle @ 90°

Initial Pinch Type Plate Rolls: 3/8″ x 120″ Capacity with 10″ Diameter Top Roll

Hydraulic Ironworker: 66 Ton Capacity

Manual Plasma Cutting Unit: 1 1/4″ Max Thickness

Supporting Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Press
  • Powered Fit-Up and Turning Rolls
  • Grit Blasting and Paint Equipment
  • I.R.D. Mechanalysis Dynamic Balancing Equipment

*Steel forming and rolling capabilities for thicknesses beyond those noted above are readily available through established subcontractors.

*Milling capabilities are readily available through established subcontractors.

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