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We have been a leading supplier of crushing and blending equipment to the phosphate fertilizer industry for over 25 years. Our chain mill-style crushers are in use worldwide in the production of DAP, MAP, MCP, GTSP, NPK, and DICAL in tonnages up to 100 tons per hour.

Our design features combine to make our mills very low cost to operate and maintain. Annual costs for the replacement of the consumable spare parts normally average only 8% to 10% of the purchase price of the equipment.

92% of our mills are sold to repeat customers – We believe for a reason!

Design Features

  • Rugged steel construction for extended useful life in harsh operating environments.
  • Our simple clog free gravity feed and discharge design ensures continuous operation in a closed loop system – even if the mill is shut down.
  • Dual, counter-rotation, dynamically balanced rotor assemblies available in optional designs to accommodate various products.
  • Choice of crushing elements – 7/8” diameter x 5-link heat treated alloy steel chain flails or 7/8” diameter x 3-link chain with cast steel hammer tip flail assemblies.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Our equipment design allows the replacement of chain flails with the rotor assemblies in place within the housing. To minimize maintenance downtime, the housing design also provides for quick and easy removal of the entire rotor assembly.
  • Quick opening doors on each end of the mill provide convenient access to the mill’s interior.
  • Our mills are designed and supplied with standardized mechanical components to allow the customer global access to replacement parts.
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  • Trellex rubber, UHMW polyethylene, or stainless steel interior liners are available to inhibit product backup and reduce operating noise levels.
  • Vibration isolation base pads are available as an installation option.
  • Dimensionally modified housings are available to accommodate customer site conditions and restrictions.

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